• We come to you.
  • Unique displays designed by qualified maths teachers.
  • Students are kept fully occupied in small groups.
  • Activities cover a variety of topics on the syllabus.
  • Most activities relate to real-life situations.
  • All abilities are catered for.
  • Promotes positive attitudes towards mathematics.
  • 8 page answer/follow-on booklet supplied.
  • Activities change each year.
  • Fun and entertaining, while educational.
  • Parents always welcome.
  • Great value for money.

Students Perspective

Mathematics can be fun. Everyone needs to know about maths.

We all use our maths skills at different times during our lives without even realising it. So why not learn the FUN way using WORLD OF MATHS activities.

Solving problems and puzzles with your friends couldn’t be more challenging. You can compare notes and help each other work through the different activities. You don’t have to race through them, just take your time and get the most out of each activity, although you may not even get through the seventeen different displays during a session. You might work on some activities for 5 min. or 15 min. depending on your group’s ability. After the session, you can compare your answers with ours through our answer and information booklet.

So come on and have some fun with your friends while working with maths. If you have to do it, do it the fun way with WORLD OF MATHS.

World of Maths Activities