• Session Info

    The displays would be set up in a convenient area, such as a hall, library, double classroom, multi-purpose room, etc.

  • Session Times

    Approx. 90 minutes for Upper Primary and Lower Secondary
    Approx.  70 minutes for Lower Primary

    Normally each session requires a minimum of 50 students and a maximum of 70 students and a minimum of 2 sessions a day.
    Session times & student numbers are flexible

  • Prices

    Australian prices are from $6.00 to $7.00 + GST per student depending on location.
    New Zealand prices are from $5.00 per student + GST depending on location.

  • Activities

    There are seventeen large, colourful displays in each session, with corresponding worksheets for the students, and an eight page booklet for the teachers, with answers and follow-on information.

    There are activities belonging to the strands of: number, space, measurement, chance and data and logical thinking and sequencing.

    All activities meet the national curriculum requirements.

    The instructions and questions on the displays make each session a guided discovery lesson, where the students solve a variety of problems, discover number patterns, identify geometric properties, think logically and apply mathematics to the physical world.

    By giving students this experience, they have an opportunity to acquire a variety of different skills and strategies needed for problem solving.

  • Specific Values

    • Students have the time and freedom to pursue their own paths in trying to solve the problems.
    • Motivation is very important. WORLD OF MATHS is an enjoyable and attractive situation which encourages the students to think.
    • The students can experience mathematics related to practical and real-life situations.
    • It helps develops skills necessary to work in small groups as an effective way of learning mathematics.
    • It allows the students to interact, which will boost their confidence.
    • It promotes positive attitudes towards mathematics.