The Value of World of Maths

Where development of thinking skills is a dominant objective for teaching and learning mathematics, it is important that teachers have access to a variety of problems and problem solving situations.

World of Maths offers an opportunity for your pupils to acquire a variety of different skills and strategies needed for problem solving .

During our sessions your pupils will experience mathematics related to practical and real-life situations. Motivation is very important. World of Maths offers an enjoyable and attractive learning experience.

Each set has 17 large, colourful, problem solving activities covering the strands of number patterns, space, measurement, graphs, statistics, logical thinking and sequencing, and mathematical understanding.

We have an emphasis on team work, with pupils working together in small groups discussing answers and different outcomes. Comprehension is also a focus, reading and comprehending the questions being asked.

Each set of displays contain corresponding worksheets for the pupils to keep on task and track their answers for discussion at the end. And an 8 page teacher booklet, with a description of the activities and the skills and strategies your pupils will use.

We have several sets of activities designed so we may return to a School on an annual basis or when desired.

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Bookings for United Kingdom, England

  • Phone

    Phone: 0800 6124 716

  • Email

    Email Bookings Requests please use the form

  • Postal Address

    PO Box 5994
    Berkshire RG14 5YX

  • Pricing

    • £330.00 + VAT  2 sessions (half day).
    • £495.00 + VAT  3 sessions (full day)
  • Session Information

    Primary School sessions:

    Sessions are suitable for EYFS, KS1 & KS2.

    Times: Up to 70 minutes per session.

    Sessions: We can usually host up to 3 sessions per day booked.

    Session Numbers: We have a maximum of 65 students per session.

    Secondary School sessions

    We offer sessions for Years 7, 8 & 9 of KS3.

    Times: We allow up to 90 minutes per sessions.

    Sessions: We can usually host up to 3 sessions per day booked.

    Session Numbers: We have a maximum of 65 students per session.

  • Set Up & Overview

    Our presenter will require access to your school hall, library, double classroom 1 hour prior to the first session. We will require use of some tables.

    Parking- please advise instructions for our presenter to park his van. He will need to unload in close proximity to the room.

    Please advise if area is being used for lunches.

    Information World of Maths will require to book:

    1. Proposed dates that suit your School.
    2. Your School timetable.
    3. The year levels participating.
    4. An approx. number of pupils participating.

    We will then propose session times to suit.

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